I’m not very good at describing or talking about myself, but if I had to sum myself up in three words I’d say intelligent, hilarious and gorgeous…

Okay, obviously that was sarcastic, which is my personality.

I’m the girl who can’t sit still. I’m always chasing, always planning what’s next, always moving towards greater things. My goal is to learn from and appreciate every waking moment, walking person and whimsical sunrise. I’m here to learn and share along the way.

My blog is a mixture of journal entries and travel tips, deep reflections and light-hearted stories. It depends on the week. This is where I come to share my stories, thoughts and adventures. I also hope it’s a place where I can hear about your stories, thoughts and adventures.

Feel free to snoop around, give your two cents and suggest new places for me to go! And if you want to follow me even closer (I won’t use the word ‘stalk’), then check out my Instagram and Pinterest.