Welcome to Munich

Of all the places and of all the times it had to be in that moment on that plane. I quickly turned off my movie (which was Age of Ultron so you know it was bad) and put my head down. I recalled what I learned from my month of yoga classes.

Deep breath in. Exhale through the mouth. A loud exhale through the mouth might I add.

Finally, I fell asleep.

I woke suddenly not long after, grabbed the bag and gave in. Yes, I was THAT person you hope you don’t get stuck next to on a plane. I was her. I threw up everything.

Oh, and I was in the middle seat.

My big adventure to Munich wasn’t starting out the way I’d hoped. Ten hours later I landed in Munich still a little shaky and sick. I spun my huge suitcase out of the terminal along with my safety-pinned duffle bag to find Aude standing there with my name written in puffy paint on a shoebox lid. It was the perfect welcome.

I jumped right in the next day with the kids, taking them to the park and watching movies with them. The past week has consisted of jet lag, still learning how to drive stick and getting the gist of what the kids say in German and French. I’m getting better with at least one of those.

Apart from driving the car, I’ve started to get used to either walking or biking places, which if you know me you know how laughable that is. The second day I was here, I went for a bike ride with the kids. I pulled up the rear, and boy was I thankful. Being in the back allowed me to huff and puff without drawing too much attention to myself. Every time they looked back I smiled and pretended it was a piece of cake. Maybe one day it will be … I’m waiting for that day!

My lack of German-speaking skills hasn’t gotten me into too much trouble yet. Although I did manage to embarrass myself when I didn’t understand the total I owed a woman at the post office. She said the amount, I stared and tried to move onto the next order of business when she kindly reminded me I needed to pay for the postage, which is what she said in German that I didn’t understand. Thankfully my German classes start next week. Let’s hope I’m a fast learner.

As for the family I’m with, everything has been great. The kids are fun and well-behaved. I started my normal schedule this week of school drop-offs and pick-ups as well as taking them to some other activities. The boy really enjoyed it when I grinded the gears in the car and it jerked. He found it fun so I guess that’s good? Because there might be a little more of that while I’m still learning!

The parents are great too. We get along so well, and I feel comfortable with them. We’ve stayed up late talking a few nights already. I don’t think I could’ve been paired with a better family, especially since I’m missing mine back home.

Being away from my family has been hard. I’ve had so many dreams with them in it, which makes it better and worse at the same time. I keep reminding myself that they all support me 100 percent, and that makes all the difference.

I don’t want to ramble too much in this post so I’ll stop here. I’ll post in another few days about my day in the city, which was amazing!

For now, Auf Wiedersehen.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Munich

  1. Great blog for starters. Where’s some more? Glad your enjoying the travel. Too bad I wasn’t with the boy in the car for the gear grinding.


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