No plan, but I’m excited

It seems likes ages since I’ve blogged because, well, I guess it has been. I know I left off the last post with a promise to begin answering the questions you submitted (which were great by the way), and I still plan on answering every single one of those questions in the coming weeks. But I’m not going to apologize for not writing for the past month because I needed the time off to get myself together.

Last year was a crazy one. I started off the year as the managing editor of my school’s magazine and got a lot of neat opportunities that came along with it. I applied for and got the job as Editor-in-Chief for what would have been this school year, but ended up turning it down because I felt like I needed to. I spent my summer in London working with an incredible church and organization and made lots of new friends. I traveled around the UK and Ireland and still have stories to tell. And lastly, I graduated college!

IMG_7302At this time last year, none of those things I listed above were in my plans for 2014. The year was supposed to look much different. I planned to be EIC of the magazine, find an internship for the summer and was set to graduate May 2015.

But as each opportunity came, I learned I needed to take it one day at a time. If I would have been stubborn in my plan for 2014, I would have missed out on so many opportunities. I wouldn’t have met the people I did at the places I did at the times I did. And I wouldn’t have grown the way I did.

I can’t be so set on what I have planned, and you shouldn’t be so set on what you have planned. More often than not your plans will change, and so will you.

Be open to change. Know your passion, your dream and your purpose, but don’t be so certain on how you will get there.

At this moment, I have close to no plan for 2015. I have some goals and dreams, but nothing that I have set in stone. I know where I want to end up, but until I get there I’m open to whatever comes my way. I don’t know where I’ll be sitting a year from today, but I’m excited just thinking about it. Each year gets better and grander. I have no reason to believe 2015 will be any different.

IMG_0380If you haven’t picked up on it already, I sort of love movies and love referencing them even more. Yesterday I saw Night at the Museum 3 with my family. At the end, Robin Williams’ character is talking to Ben Stiller’s. Stiller says he has no plan for what’s next and has no idea what he is going to do the next day. Williams smiles and says, “How exciting.” That’s the point that I’m at, but I’m going to smile and get excited over the fact that I have no clue what tomorrow will bring.

So here’s to a new year. There are uncharted lands and waters I don’t even know about. There are mountains and valleys I haven’t planned for yet, and the same goes for you. So be excited. I know I am.


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