Oktoberfest: How to Make the Most of It

Two hours in, and I was over it. My sister and I were wandering the grounds trying to figure out where the party was happening cause it sure wasn’t where we were. I was over Oktoberfest. It wasn’t that great, people ploughed over me and no one could help us get to where we needed to be.

Another chaotic hour of pushing, switching wristbands and begging got us into a tent. The second I pushed past the doors and walked up the stairs, I understood the hype.  Continue reading “Oktoberfest: How to Make the Most of It”

Welcome to Munich

Of all the places and of all the times it had to be in that moment on that plane. I quickly turned off my movie (which was Age of Ultron so you know it was bad) and put my head down. I recalled what I learned from my month of yoga classes.

Deep breath in. Exhale through the mouth. A loud exhale through the mouth might I add.

Finally, I fell asleep.

I woke suddenly not long after, grabbed the bag and gave in. Yes, I was THAT person you hope you don’t get stuck next to on a plane. I was her. I threw up everything. Continue reading “Welcome to Munich”

10 Hidden Small Towns in Europe

The past few months I’ve been preparing for Munich. I leave in just under five weeks (yikes!) so most of my time has been spent researching, online shopping, spending time with family and friends and, to be honest, getting my last bit of American food.

In that time, I’ve been scouring my travel Pinterest board for places I pinned years ago and will now finally be able to visit. This is just a taste of the places on the ever-growing list of places I hope to go while I’m in Europe. Continue reading “10 Hidden Small Towns in Europe”

Taking the Jump to Move

I’ve always had an adventurous spirit. Not in the typical sense where I skydive every weekend and rock climb in my down time. It’s a different sort of adventurous. The one that craves foreign lands, peoples, languages and cultures. I have, like many other young ladies, been bitten by the travel bug.

I’ve been able to go a few places these past couple years, but none of those trips have fully quenched my thirst for the world. I still want to travel and explore. Continue reading “Taking the Jump to Move”